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“At the start, I was okay with coasting through life finding it increasingly difficult to do the bare minimum like maintaining hygiene, cleaning my home, and getting out of bed. I avoided my responsibilities and started hiding. Through our sessions, I figured out why I was stuck. Nina is intuitive and asked a lot of thought-provoking questions, which gave me the tools I need to create a better and long-lasting relationship with myself. Seeing the amazing progress after 12 weeks, I decided to commit to a 2nd round. Family members and co-workers have noticed how healthy, happy, and productive I am - I show up and I get sh!t done, I even got a RAISE!!! This has been an extremely rewarding experience, not only have my relationships improved, but after a long time, I’m in control of MY life.”

— Sunaina A.

“Nina was very knowledgeable and able to use her background in social work to help get to my core issues, which extended beyond just eating healthy.”

— Matthew B.

“Nina is an amazing coach. Every time we meet, she brings exactly what I need. During my short time with Nina I’ve been able to launch 2 successful businesses! I’ve even managed to lose some weight.”

— Jessica H.

“Stress can literally be managed by practicing a few new habits and intrusive thoughts are just - they are thoughts and I have the ability to refocus. Becoming aware of how words/phrases can affect how you perceive or feel towards something was areal eye opener for me. You have helped me view and do things differently which I would have not come to see on my own.”

— Hajrah C.

“Really wonderful, honest, helpful, positive, patient, and understanding person to work with. I’d advise anyone who can get in with her to do so! Truly amazing person. So thankful I got to work with her.”

— Joanna G.

Be gentle with yourself.
You’re doing the best you can.

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